Competitive & Chemical % based Pricing.

Keep an eye on the Metals exchange market, we create transparent formula-based pricing for Stainless steel and common alloys purchasing.

Metal Processing

We go through multi‐stage processing of having the metals ready before loading into containers for shipment. Metal Cleaning Process goes through sorting, cutting, cleaning, grinding, shot blasting etc depending on the requirement.


Metal Analysis

We use the latest XRF guns and other testing devices to identify the grade of different material. In case of detailed report required for any particular high grade material, then we get it done from external sources.

Weighment Scaling

With authorised weighment facility, we are having capacity of weighing 120 Metric Tons of material at once which built in at our site.


Storage Facility

Our site is complete, having box storages and racking system based on the different materials, allowing us to easily identify and access them while needed for shipment.

Export‐worthy packaging

 For ease of logistics and material safety, we make sure that materials are well packed using Jumbo Bags, Wooden Pallets, Plastic Boxes, Drums , briquetting or bundling etc , weighed and marked before shipment.

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